This is the song "Truth hurts" from the episode "Pete and the Whole Truth" in the key of C.

This is all sung by Pete Wheeler.

Chorus (Intro): Edit

Truth hurts. Truth hurts.

I don't know why I told a lie.

Truth hurts. Truth hurts.

I told a lie. I'm ready to cry.

Verse 1: Edit

It all started the other day when I broke Amir's drumsticks.

But then I got Dante in trouble by trying to blame it on him.

And now Amir, and Dante are mad they don't want to talk to me.

All this happened while Amir practiced his drums at the school gym.


Verse 2: Edit

I feel real bad for lying to my friend Amir.

I wish I had not gotten Dante into this fine mess.

My face has turned red, and so has my head. I'm still ready to cry.

I told a lie. Don't ask me why. I guess I'd better confess.


Verse 3: Edit

I need to tell my teacher the truth about Amir's sticks.

This is not Dante's fault. The fault is all mine.

I know that telling the truth will hurt, but I've just got to!

But once I finally tell the truth, we all will feel fine.


Verse 4 (Finale): Edit

Amir and Dante, I'm sorry. Please except my apology.

All this was an accident. I did not mean to do these things.

From now on, I will tell the truth. Cross my heart.

I have to shout at the end of this song.....


The end