The Backyard Show Title card


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Also, during Akira's prowl around the Internet, there was something that Akira was made aware of. The Backyard Show exists as a tv show episode. However, this version was made to fit this Wikis rules.


This is the Backyard Sports tv show. It's a tv show based on the backyard sports games of 2004. All episodes have both striking character to viewer interaction and a song in them and some episodes are sports themed. The main song in the beginning of every episode is called "The Welcome Song"

Characters (In alphabetical order):

Achmed Kahn

Amir Kahn

Angela Delvecchio

Annie Frazier

Ashley Webber

Billy Jean Blackwood

Dante Robinson

Dmitri Petrovich

Gretchen Hasselhoff

Jocinda Smith

Kenny Kawaguchi

Kiesha Phillips

Maria Luna

Pablo Sanchez

Pete Wheeler

Reese Worthington

Samantha Peirce

Sidney Webber

Stephanie Morgan

Tony Delvecchio


Vicki Kawaguchi



  1. Dante's art attack.
  2. Annie's garden
  3. Maria's dog
  4. Homesick Angela
  5. Gretchen gets sick
  6. Annie the chef
  7. The boy with his head in the clouds.
  8. Achmed's broken Guitar
  9. Amir for class president
  10. Soccer song
  11. Derby Dangers
  12. Vicky's big recital (Season 1 finale)
  13. Dante and the Three Annies.
  14. Pete and the Whole Truth
  15. Dmitri gets Lovesick
  16. Stephanie writes a song
  17. Jocinda and the space camp
  18. The Beef Festival
  19. Dante and the Pirate Crew
  20. Billy Jean's soccer match
  21. Tony the skating king
  22. Cooking Calamities
  23. Baseball Fever
  24. Football Frazier the Musical (Season 2 finale)
  25. Jocinda's stinky socks
  26. Princess Kiesha
  27. Samantha's Robot
  28. Vanessa and Samantha dream big
  29. Vicki the Hockey Ballerina
  30. Pupswoof versus a hockey nightmare
  31. Kenny's Birthday at the zoo
  32. Kahn Chaos
  33. Reese's Soccer Challenge
  34. Monique gets in shape
  35. Dante's Talking Teddy
  36. Pablo and Karate Class (Season 3 finale)
  37. The four legged race event


No character appears in every episode or less then once in "The Backyard Show".

All episodes have the Narrator at the beginning.

The viewer is referred to the person at home watching this show.

Some episodes are sports themed.

All of them teach Numbers, Shapes and Colors

Episodes focusing on everyone will have rainbow title cards