This is the song "I need to find those pros!" Is sung Mainly by Pablo Sanchez who has just learned english. Normally he speaks Spanish.

Lyrics Edit


Pablo: Where are the pros, I need to find them. (Walks into Pupswoof117).

Pupswoof117: Who are you?

Pablo: I’m Pablo Sanchez! What's your name?

Pupswoof117: I’m Pupswoof117! But you can call me Pups. 


Pablo: I need to find those pros.

Pups: I'll help you look for clues.

Pablo: Good, cause this is a problem that I can't solve on my own.

Pups: I'm here by your side, just in case you get lost!

Both: When we work together, we can find those pros.

Verse 1Edit

Pablo (Singing): We’ve gone out searching for the pros, we will search far and near.

Pupswoof117 (Singing): We’re searching for the pros.

Pablo, Pupswoof117 (Singing): We’re searching for the pros, the pros, We’re searching far and near. We're searching near and far.

Verse 2Edit

Pablo (Singing): I think I see 10 shoe prints.

Pupswoof: Yeah, I see them too.

Pablo (Singing): They look awfully familiar, because they're really big.

Pupswoof (Speaking to the one who made the foot prints): Hi. My name is Pupswoof, this is my new Friend Pablo Sanchez.

Brandi Chastain: Hi, I'm Brandi Chastain. It's a pleasure to meet you.


Verse 3Edit

Brandi, Pablo, Pupswoof117: We’re searching for those pros, (Those pros). We’re searching far and near.

Pupswoof117: I’ll look left.

Pablo: I’ll look right!

Brandi: I’ll look straight!

Verse 4Edit

Pablo: Look. Here's another clue.

Brandi: I see someone new.

Pupswoof117: I do too.

Pablo (To new kid): Hello, I'm Pablo and these are my friends.

Cobi: Hi, My name is Cobi Jones.


Verse 5Edit

Pupswoof117: Hi Cobi! My name is Pupswoof117! Please call me Pups.

Cobi: Nice to meet you, Pups!

Pupswoof117: Same!

Cobi: Let’s find those pros!

All: We’re looking for those pros! (Those Pros) We’re looking far and near!

Pablo: And by the way I'm Pablo Sanchez.

Cobi: Hi, Pablo. Nice to meet you.


Verse 6Edit

Pablo: Who else can you find?

Pupswoof: I see someone from here,and she looks a little bit like you.

Brandi: She does look a bit like me.

Pablo: Hi, I'm Pablo, and this is Pups and this of course is Brandi Chastain.

Tiffany: Hi. My name is Tiffany Milbret. Nice tomeet you all.


Cobi: Oh. Don't forget me. I'm Cobi Jones,by the way.

Tiffany: Hi, Cobi. Nice to meet you too.



Verse 7Edit

Pablo: We were searching near and far.

Pups: We were searching up and down.

Pablo: We already found 3 pros. Cobi, Tiffany, and Brandi.

Cobi: We just need to find my friend Carlos Valderamma.

Brandi: It's going to be hard, but we can do it together.

Pups: Sniffs around, (Howls)!

Brandi: What is it, Pups?

Pups: Found the final pro!

Carlos: Who are you?

Pups: Hi, I’m Pupswoof117, Please call me Pups! These are my friends!

Carlos: Oh. Hello. My name is Carlos Valderama! So nice to meet you.

Verse 8 (Outro)Edit

Pups: We're almost done with our task,

Pablo: We are ready to go back to town.

Carlos, Brandi, Cobi, Tiffany: You found us four and we're your new friends.

Pablo: You ARE our new friends. Follow us.

Pups: As soon as we take you to our very secret clubhouse, You'll get to meet new folks. Come along with us.

Carlos: We cannot wait  to meet new friends.

Cobi: We want to thank you for finding us.

Tiffany: We're so excited to come along.

Brandi: We're pros at soccer. I can't go wrong.

All 6: This is the end of the task and the song. So of we go to the clubhouse, and it's a golden kind of daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

The end