Art Memories is a song from the song "Dante's Art Attack" in the key of F minor in the genre of disco.

This is a duet between Dante and Kenny.

Verse 1 (Intro): Edit

Kenny: 1!

Dante: 2!

Both: 1, 2, 3!

Dante: Usually, I would be thinkin' bout...

Kenny: Food!

Dante: My favorite thing to do is....

Kenny: Eat.

Dante: But instead I'm doing art.

Kenny: Paintings, Sculptures, and Drawings too.

Dante: I'm painting with the whole rainbow of colors.

Kenny: Green, Brown, Orange, Blue.

Dante: Hey. Blue is my favorite color.

Both: Now let's get down to business! YO!

Chorus: Edit

Both: Art Memories! Art Memories! Painting on the floor!

Dante: I'm painting, drawing, sculpting, but my favorite thing to paint is food!

Both: Art Memories! Art Memories! Painting on the floor!

Kenny: You're art is real spectacular. I'm even getting them too.

Verse 2: Edit

Kenny: Hey. I'm an artist too, because I like to design cool robots.

Dante: I like the robots you've been designing.

Kenny: I like the drawings YOU've been desining.

Dante: Someday, I'll have an art gallery, so I can show all of my friends!

Kenny: I'd love to come to your gallery. As soon as I get a chance!


Verse 3 (Finale): Edit

Dante: When it comes to art, I got the most. I spread it all around like toast and jelly. I can paint a park, or paint a vase, but my favorite thing is to paint some fruit.

Kenny: Sometimes you have to think about it. Use your imagination, Dante!

Dante: Where?

Kenny: Here!

Dante: There?

Kenny: Here!

Dante: Thank you, Kenny. I think that's clear.

Chorus is sung twice.

The end